The event occurred in the last days of October and in first week of November 2021 at Sapphire 83 mall in Gurugram. Handicrafts and Artisans came up with varied items on display. The bustling evenings of purchases with people and the sense of satisfaction on their faces were visible. The artisans displaying exquisite items  from varied regions including sarees , scented candles and pottery , was actually worth seeing and purchasing . The three day event was interesting in terms of  people getting bedazzled with products on display.
The regions were from Varnasi  (UP), Odisha ,West Bengal , Gujarat and Maharashtra. All of the states came up with their best items and articles for sale. The sales were decent and pretty good exposure for the artisans and they got to know more about their client demands.
 The handicrafts are considered to be a lost art, but again it has revived and the importance of cottage industries is being realized.  Preserving and promoting the traditional art forms just by such conventions and events are to be conducted . Karfa has taken a mighty and calculated step to promote the artisans at the international platform.