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Unique Block Prints of MP

Bagh is a block printing style used on handloom fabrics. The name comes from its native place, Bagh, a village in Dhar district of Madhya Pradesh. In this unique art form, hand-printed woodblock relief prints are created using dyes obtained from natural sources.


Origin of Bagh Sarees

This art form was transported by the migrants who travelled from Manawar to Bagh village in the 1960s. Over the years the art has evolved to a new level. The Narmada River located near the village acts as a great source for Bagh printing. The art was initially practiced by the migrants. Later most of the people in the village joined the power loom industry for survival.

Elegant attributes of Bagh Print Sarees

Designs: Initially the Bagh print cotton and silk sarees consisted of geometrical patterns and floral designs. Due to constant experimentation, the designs transformed and art works from Taj Mahal paintings, and others like Saj, Dakmandwa, were brought into the scene.


Colors: Earlier red and black colors from alum and corroded iron were used and later green and yellow colors from vegetable dyes were introduced.


Process: Bagh Print Saree undergoes a plethora of processes, making it one of the most meticulously made sarees. 

Why shop a Bagh Print Saree?

  • The Bagh printing designs and motifs are captivating enough to make it irresistible.
  • Today’s Bagh print sarees are a mix of traditional and modern designs, making it favourite across all generations of women. 
  • The versatile bagh prints can also be seen on Maheshwari, Georgette, and Chanderi handloom sarees.
  • The Bagh print sarees are one of the most aesthetic sarees around the globe.