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The Bengali Beauty

The different kinds of sarees in India display the diversity of our nation. Saree is the Indian traditional attire and among these enchanting pieces of cloth, the Bengali saree manages to make its own identity. The Bengali style sarees are one of the most popular sarees in India and have covered a long way journey through history.


From the archives of Bengali Traditional Sarees

Two of the most popular types of Bengali Sarees are the Baluchari Saree and the Tant Saris. The Baluchari Saree gets its name from its native village, Baluchari located in Bengal. During the 18th century, the then Nawab of Bengal, Murshid Quli Khan brought the art of making Baluchari Sarees from Dhaka. Whereas, the Tant sarees also rose to fame during the reign of the Mughals.

Bengali Saree’s eminent features 

Designs: The Bengali silk sarees like Baluchari often have mythological scenes imprinted on them. While a typical Bengali Tant saree has a variety of floral, paisley, and other artistic motifs woven on Border and Pallu.


Weaving: The traditional weaving methods are used to weave a Bengali saree that is lightweight and colorful. The comfortability achieved due to the weaving techniques is on another level.


Varieties: The Baluchari sarees are available in both silk and cotton decorated with vibrant colors and designs. The distinguishing feature of the Tant saree is its lightweight and transparency due to the use of cotton threads.

Why a Bengali Saree is a perfect pick for you?

  • The Baluchari sarees have been a symbol of style and elegance for decades.
  • The Tant sarees are the perfect attire for summers, thanks to their light weight cotton fabrics.
  • Over time the sarees have modernized and have gained a global appeal.
  • The unconvincingly beautiful vibrant colors and designs on Bengali sarees are hypnotizing.