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Bhagalpuri Silk
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Silk city’s gift to the world

Bhagalpuri Silk Sarees belong to the city of Bhagalpur located in the state of Bihar. Also known as the silk city, Bhagalpur is renowned for its skilled craftsmen popular for their unique weaving style. Because of the sheer fact that Bhagalpuri Silk uses a limited number of silk worms and is environment friendly, it is also known as peace silk.


History of Bhagalpuri Silk

Bhagalpuri Sarees are one of the oldest crafts in India. Initially, only the silk threads were separated from the silk worms, then people started spinning threads on the yarn to create a finely textured fabric. Later this became a source of livelihood for the local people. Even the Mughals were mesmerized by the beauty of the Bhagalpuri silk fabric.


Qualities of the ‘Queen of Silk’

Designs: Bhagalpuri handloom silk sarees are woven into exotic symbolic designs giving a stunning feel to the final product.

Colors: Bright colors like red, yellow, fuchsia, blue and green are often used in Bhagalpuri Sarees.

Varieties: A number of varieties like Katia, Giccha, Eri, Mulberry are available to enhance the beauty of this mesmerizing craft.


Why your wardrobe needs a Bhagalpuri Saree?

  • Bhagalpuri cotton and silk sarees have a rich and royal feel, thanks to its captivating designs and motifs.
  • Made from a silk which is also referred to as ‘Queen of Silks’, you certainly can’t deny its beauty.
  • These sarees are comfortable to wear in all seasons in the tropical countries.
  • You can choose a Bhagalpuri saree that appeals to you from the plethora of varieties available.