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From the heart of India

Chanderi Silk Sarees belong to the town Chanderi of Ashok Nagar district situated in the heart of the nation, Madhya Pradesh. The town is globally famous for its hand-woven sarees. Since the past centuries, the unique Chanderi Sarees have been the first choice of the royal families.


Illustrious past of Chanderi Pattu Sarees

Ancient texts suggest, between the 7th century and the 2nd century BC, Madhya Pradesh was a famous weaving centre in India. While some of the references date back to the Vedic period suggesting the fabric was introduced by Lord Krishna’s evil cousin Shishupal. Between 1740 and 1761, the sarees came to prominence and were exported overseas. Even the Mughals used it for making Khilat, a ceremonial robe given to someone as a mark of Honour. The pure Chanderi Silk Sarees have always been greatly admired for the beauty of its texture and embroidery.


Fascinating elements of the Chanderi Sarees

Weave: Due to its sheer texture, the Chanderi Sarees are often referred to as ‘woven air’. The lightweight and glossy texture of a Chanderi Saree sets it apart from the rest. This craft of weaving is passed on from generation to generation in some families.


Designs: Motifs used in Chanderi Kuppadam Sarees like Ashrafi, Churi, Bundi, Keri, Phul-patti, Phul-buta, Akhrot, Paan are inspired by the Chanderi Banarasi Sarees. Also, the intricate border designs look astonishing.


Colors: Earlier the Chanderi Sarees used soft pastel colors but adapting with the changing times vibrant color combinations like red and black, turquoise, navy blue, fuchsia were introduced.


Why Chanderi Saree is the one for you?

  • One just cannot resist the beautiful soft hues of the original Chanderi Sarees.
  • The sheer texture of the Chanderi Fabric is celestial.
  • The lightweight and glossy Chanderi Cotton Sarees are perfect for any climate.
  • Donned by extremely popular celebrities like Kareena Kapoor Khan, Chanderi Sarees are in global demand today.