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Where do the Chirala Sarees belong?

Chirala Cotton and silk sarees are mainly produced in the coastal town of Chirala situated in Prakasam district of Andhra Pradesh. Most of the residents of Chirala have the occupation of handloom weaving and paddy cultivation. The town is renowned for its soft and durable sarees.


History of Chirala sarees

Initially known as ‘Kshirapuri’, Chirala was renowned for its handlooms. As the years passed the town rose to fame for the durability of its brilliant handloom sarees. The Telugu word for saree is Chirala, hence eventually the city’s name was transformed from Kshirapuri to Chirala. Weavers of the areas like Devanga, Padmasali, and Pattusali community were the initiators of this artistic lineage.


What makes Chirala Sarees so special?

Colors: Dyed using a beautiful blend of bright colors like summer yellow and bold red, Chirala Pattu Sarees appear pleasing to the eyes.

Designs: The Chirala sarees are popular for their mind-blowing designs carrying silver zari, floral, fish, swans motifs, and warli designs on the pallu.

Weaving: Its heavy thread work weaving on the bold ribbon border gives the saree a stunning feel. A 6-yard Chirala saree is produced in a matchbox in two to four days is the marvel of the hardworking weavers of the Chirala. 


Why you should go for a Chirala Saree?

  • Chirala Kuppadam Pattu Sarees are soft and comfortable to wear which makes it a good choice for all the seasons.
  • The colors in a saree are added manually in between the zari designs using the art of Hand Butta.
  • The blend of elegant bright colors gives the saree an appealing look.
  • Its enchanting motifs and heavy shevron pattern zari in the pallu adds to the beauty of Chirala Sarees.