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Where to find Dharmavaram Silk sarees?

Belonging to the rich lands of Andhra Pradesh, Dharmavaram silk is one of the most magnificent fabrics you can find across the country. The enchanting Dharmavaram Silk Sarees are mainly produced in Dharmavarm, a small town in the Anantpur District of Rayalaseema region.


The origin of the splendid fabric

The abundance of the mulberry trees makes Dharmavaram a natural breeding ground for the silkworms which eventually resulted in the town take into silk weaving. Dating back to over 120 years, the Dharmavaram pattu sarees initially served as the typical wedding saree for the brides. By the 19th century, the sarees became popular across the state for their stunning looks and the sheer beauty of the weave. Started with very few numbers, today there are more than 1500 Dharmavaram saree manufacturers along with over one lakh handlooms present in India.


What makes Dharmavaram pure silk saree so distinct?

Colors: Dharmavaram silk sarees are woven into two different colors which give its body an effect of double shaded colors. The overall look is enhanced by the solid colors on the border and pallu.


Designs: A variety of ethnic Indian designs like lotus, elephant, peacocks along with ornate temple patterns are imprinted on it making it one of the most ceremonially accepted sarees.


Weaving Process: Skilfully woven by hands using mulberry silk and zari, it takes almost 4-8 days of concerted efforts of two weavers to weave a complete saree.


Why Dharmavaram Saree is a must for your wardrobe?


  • Woven mostly in auspicious shades of yellow and maroon makes it a religiously and traditionally celebrated saree.
  • The royal elegant looks of the Dharmavaram saree helps you give an impressive style statement.
  • A recent innovation of adorning the sarees with decorative stones, chamkis and kundans has made it appealing to the younger generations also.
  • Internationally popular in countries like France and Germany, it is a fabric in great demand.