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What is the native land of kanchi silk sarees?

Also known as Kanjeevaram sarees or Kanchi pattu sarees, the Kanchipuram silk sarees derive its name from the ancient city of Kanchipuram aka Kanchi. The small town situated in Tamil Nadu is home to many temples and is an important pilgrim destination for Hindus in India.  The place is extremely popular as a major weaving centre. You can get yourself astonishing sarees, stoles, and scarves from Kanchipuram.


The legends of Kanchipuram Sarees

Hindu mythology mentions kanchi silk sarees in its ancient texts. The Kanchi weavers are considered to be the descendants of the great sage Markanda, the master weaver of Gods themselves. Dating back to over 400 years, the art got exposure during the rule of Krishna Devaraya when some of the weaving communities migrated from Andhra Pradesh to Kanchipuram and through their exceptional weaving techniques started producing kanchi pure silk sarees.  Since then this saree is exceptionally admired by the women across the globe.



Why Kanjeevaram is so acclaimed?

Design: The visible dissimilar designs of the pallu and body fascinate the viewer. The cause of dissimilarity is the fact that the body and pallu are woven separately by the weavers. Also the weavers weave the borders separately as well and then attach it with the body later, adding to the beauty of the enchanting kanchi sarees. This practice is known as korvai.

Colors: The contrasting shades used in the pallu and body of the Kanjeevaram sarees appear enthralling. The pure kanchi pattu sarees are known for their vibrant colors and catchy designs which are inspired by the ancient scriptures and figurines from the temples.

Varieties: Initially the kanchi silk sarees came with marvellous golden and silver zari work. But to make the sarees more cost effective, metal and copper zari work was introduced which still manages to hold on to its magnificence. You can still get yourself the original Kanjeevaram with gold and silver zari work. Just the authenticity of the zari work needs to be checked. You can also choose between a kanchi cotton saree or kanchi silk saree



Why kanchi pattu saree is a must buy for you?

  • The kanchi soft silk sarees are enormously adored by women for traditional events, weddings, functions. It is looked upon as a mark of royalty.
  • The temple borders, mythical designs, separately woven pallu adds up to a saree that stands apart from the rest.
  •  Its special weaving technique of using 3 single threads of silk along with zari gives this saree a celestial look.