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The heritage of Rajasthan

The name Kota Doria is based on the place of the origin of these sarees, Kota situated in the state of Rajasthan. These sarees are a blend of Cotton and Silk, providing strength and shine to the fabric respectively. The Kota Doria handmade sarees are astonishing and can easily be differentiated from the one made from handloom.


Shrouded past of Kota Doria Sarees

The Kota Silk Sarees first originated in Mysore and the weavers of these sarees were known as the ‘Masurias’. During the reign of Shahjahan between 17th and 18th century, their Army General, Rao Kishore Singh transported the weavers to Kota as an act to display the unity between the two states of Mysore and Rajasthan. This led to the invention of ‘Kota-Masuria’ sarees which later became the foundation for ‘Kota Doira Cloth’. Today it is one of the most popular sarees in India.


Specialities of Kota Doria Sarees

Design: The Kota Doria sarees are recognized by their beautiful graph like geometrical patterns known as ‘Khats’. The body of Kota sarees mostly features floral designs.

Colors: Initially the Rajasthani Kota Sarees came in white and beige colors only but with the changing times a range of colors were introduced.

Varieties: The Kota Doria Sarees come in 3 different varieties: Basic, Printed and Zari, making it a versatile attire.


Why to prefer a Kota Doria Saree?

  • Despite the fact that this saree is woven very finely, it still weighs very less.
  • In some of the sarees, block printing is used which gives it a fresh look.
  • The zari work gives the Kota Cotton and Silk Sarees a graceful and stylish appearance.
  • The saree’s material is considered auspicious. Hence, it can be adorned on religious occasions.