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Manipur’s astounding sarees

The North-Eastern state of Manipur is renowned for its enchanting sarees. The Manipuri Silk Sarees are full of vibrant colors and enthralling designs. These sarees are made keeping the comfort at the top most priority. A perfect blend of culture and fashion, every women desire to adorn these elegant sarees. Unlike the Manipuri Rani Phi silk sarees these are not excessively dressy and can be donned casually also.


Origin and History of Manipuri Silk Sarees

The Manipuri handloom silk sarees rose to fame from the village of Morirang located in the Bishnupur district of Manipur. The mythical ‘Khamba’ of the ‘Morirang Kanglerio’ epic has a link with this village. As per the manuscript, Manipuri silk weaving was done to as a token of respect towards the royal family of Manipur, the Metei rulers. From there onwards, Manipuri cotton and silk sarees came into existence.

Manipuri Silk Saree’s unique characteristics

Designs: The traditional look and golden work on the saree looks astonishing. These sarees will not have usual motifs of bold prints, but you can usually observe block prints and stripes.

Colors: Manipuri Silk Sarees are mostly colourful. Bright and flat colors are used often in these sarees. Red Manipuri silk saree look stunning when paired with ornaments.

Fabric: Manipuri Silk Fabric has been registered under the Geographical Indication of TRIPS (Trade Related Intellectual Property Rights) agreement for protection.


 Why to get a Manipuri Silk Saree today?

  • The Manipuri Sarees are one of the most comfortable to wear sarees around the globe.
  • Due to its fashionable looks with a twist of the Manipuri culture, these sarees stand out.
  • It is a great choice for festivities and special occasions.
  • The saree’s modern designs make it a saree that appeals to the youth.