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Maharashtra’s pride

Worn by Maharashtrian women, Nauvari is a nine yards lengthy saree. The word ‘Nauvari’ literally translates to nine yards. The saree is also known as Nav Vari, Nauvaree, Kasta Sari, Kacha, Sakachcha, and Lugade. These are worn without petticoat in a trouser-dress like the style and often adorned by the Maharashtrian women during the festivities.


History of Nauvari

While the origin of Nauvari remains a mystery, the archaeological sculptural references show the men and women from earlier civilizations draping the saree like a ‘dhoti’. The style of draping varied across the communities. Also, it is historically evident that in order to assist the fellow male warriors the women of the Maratha Empire joined the Warfield. Hence, they invented this style of drape to maintain the comfort of physical movement during the war.

Features that make Nauvari stand out

Designs: The embroidery and patterns on a Nauvrai Silk Sarees are a bit on the sober side and are done on certain sections of the cloth only.


Colors: Earlier, shades of blue and green were used mostly. Later it changed to bright colors of pink, yellow, and red.


Draping: The different drapes of Nauvari like Traditional and Koli drape adds to the distinctiveness of this cloth. Each drape is associated with a specific community and region.


Be a proud owner of Nauvari

  • The legendary Rani Lakshmi Bai adorned this garment in her battle against the Britishers.
  • This Nauvari cotton saree is among the favourites of women for the level of comfortability it provides.
  • A perfect pick for festivities and special occasions when teamed up with ornaments and also a cloth worn in traditional Maharashtrian dance forms.
  • Extremely popular in Bollywood, the saree is donned by many major celebrities.