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The Maharashtrian Beauty

The town of Yeola in Nashik, Maharashtra is the largest manufacturer of Paithani Sarees today. These sarees are the true spirit of Maharashtrian culture. Favourite of the Maharashtrian Brides, Paithani is often considered to be the royalty among the sarees.


The start of the Paithani legacy

The saree’s name is derived from the place it originated, Paithani in Aurangabad. Its history dates back to the period of Satvahana Dynasty, between the second century BC and the second century AD. The art flourished during the reign of Mughal king Aurangzeb. He used to encourage Paithani by punishing the Jamdani weavers. When the craft experienced a severe setback during the British rule, the Peshwas helped the Paithani weavers settle in Yeola, the now manufacturing hub of Paithani sarees.    


Characteristics of Paithani Sarees

Designs: Butis are often featured on Paithani Silk Saree’s body while the captivating part of these sarees remains its border and pallus. Paithani saree designs mostly use motifs like mor, bangadi mor, munia/tota-maina.

Colors: Yeola Paithani Sarees mostly consist of two dominating colors, one for the saree and other for border and pallu. Mostly, natural dyes of colors like red, yellow, sky blue, green, magenta, purple and peach-pink are used.

Varieties: The two varieties of Paithani Sarees are, Traditional Paithani and Brocade Paithani. The main difference between the varieties is the size of pallu designs and the level of intricacy in weaving.  


Get a Paithani today

  • The most interesting feature of Paithani handloom sarees is that just like Patola sarees, they also look similar on both sides, including the border and the pallu.
  • Due to the quality of never losing its lustre, the Paithani Sarees are admired by Maharashtrian Brides.
  •  A Paithani saree takes months of strenuous labour by a skilled weaver to come to life.
  • Once adorned by the royals and the aristocrats, this saree can mesmerize anyone.