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The region of Patola

The Patola Silk Sarees are majorly manufactured in Gujarat, India. These sarees are the epitome of beauty. It takes months and years of labour by highly skilled craftsmen to create these magnificent sarees. The Gujarati Patola sarees once symbolized   aristocracy and royalty.


History of The splendid Patola sarees

Originated in the town of Patan in Gujarat, the double ikat Patola sarees have its roots deep in the history. It is believed that an estimate of 700 silk weavers of Karnataka and Maharashtra travelled to Gujarat in the 12th century on the invitation of Solanki Rajputs, the then ruling class of Gujarat and some part of Rajasthan.


Patola’s Eminent features

Designs: The special feature of a Patola Saree design is that both the warp and weft thread are dyed in the Patola sarees. Every community has added their own motifs to the Patola silk.

Colors: The colouring process of Original Patola Sarees uses natural dyes like catechu, indigo, turmeric, henna and marigold flower. While vibrant colors like bright red, dark green and yellow are preferred for the patterns.

Varieties: Prominently there are two varieties of Patola Sarees, the Rajkot Patola and the Patan Patola. The main difference between them is the style of ikat weaving.


Complete your wardrobe with a Patola Saree

  • Patola sarees look similar on both sides. Sometimes even the weaver can’t tell the difference.
  • The abstract designs and geometric patterns make it a must buy.
  • The Traditional Patola sarees are the ultimate manifestation of weaving perfection.
  • The fame, charm and popularity of Patola sarees is such that Bollywood celebrities have also come forward to save this precious age-old craft.