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Where do Pochampally sarees belong?

Named after its native place, Pochampally Ikat is a saree produced in Bhudan Pochampally located in Yadadri Bhuvanagari district of the state Telangana, one of the oldest Ikat weaving centres of India.


History of the Pochampally Silk Sarees

Bhudan Pochampally used to be known as the silk mine of India in the 18th century. Eventually, it adopted the art of Chit-ku from Chirala, a city in Andhra Pradesh, and used it as a weaving process for the traditional Pochampally pattu sarees. This weaving technique is greatly admired for the distinctiveness of its fabric.  Over time the effective cost and time consumption in the process has decreased making it more artisan-friendly. In today’s state of the art, with the help of machines, the sarees are produced with pinpoint precision and perfection that is hard to beat by other silk manufacturers across India.


The uniqueness of Pochampally sarees

Design: The convoluted geometric designs on the Pochampally sarees leave the viewers enthralled. The tiniest details are fabricated to remarkable precision. Although being heavily inspired by the Patola sarees of Gujarat, the modern Pochampally sarees contain motifs of elephants, flowers, parrots, and dancing girls embellished within the geometric grids.

Weaving: One of the most distinctive features of the Pochampally Ikat weaving process is its smoothness and perfection of transferring the convoluted designs onto the fabric. It takes almost 10 days for a family of four people to weave a single Pochampally saree. The final product is a result of all the hard work and grinds put in by them. Ikat is also used in Pochampally dresses, bedsheets and other home decor items.

Colors: The colors for Pochampally ikat sarees are extracted from natural resources only. A combination of bright colors with orange, yellow, and dull gold color makes it stand apart.


Why Pochampally saree is the one for you?

  • Pochampally cotton sarees being extremely comfortable and lightweight doesn’t compromise on the looks which make this saree a perfect option for summer wear.
  • It is also a great festive choice because of its rich lustre.
  • The captivating geometric designs of the saree can leave anyone hypnotized.
  • The saree is popular among Indian celebrities as well. Former Miss World and actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan donned a Pochampally silk saree on her wedding.