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Andhra Pradesh’s gift to the world

From the ancient lands of Venkatagiri situated in Andhra Pradesh, the Venkatagiri pattu sarees are one of the most durable sarees from South India. These sarees are renowned for the fine quality of their weave and can also be found in villages like Sengunthapuram, Elaiyur, Kallathur, and Marudhur.

Rich history of Venkatagiri sarees

These sarees came into existence early in the 1700s. An artisan cluster near Nellore named Venkatagiri was the place where Venkatagiri silk sarees were first created. The Venkatagiri sarees were initially created for the royal families only. The weavers used to get a handsome amount in return that would be more than sufficient for them till the next order is placed. Venkatagiri sarees became even more popular when Jamdani designs were imported from Bangladesh.

What sets Venkatagiri apart from other sarees?

Designs:  The pure Venktagiri pattu sarees use Jamdani motifs of peacocks, swan, parrot, leaf, and mango in the pallu. Unique zari designs make this saree a favourite of the royalties.


Weaving: Earlier Venkatagiri handloom sarees were woven using cotton threads and hence called Venkatagiri zari cotton handloom sarees. Over time, silk threads were introduced into these sarees.


Dyeing: Dyes like Vat and Naphthol are used in the bleaching technique for white and colored sarees.

Get your very own Venkatagiri handloom saree today

  • Being one of the softest sarees from South India, it is a perfect choice for women who prioritize comfort.
  • Its finely done weave gives the saree a classy look.
  • The highly exclusive and unique designs are the best feature of a Venkatagiri Saree.
  • It is a beautiful blend of the Jamdani weaves and the Venkatagiri silk, what else can we desire.