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A craft loved by the world

Zardozi is an embroidery work popular in India and its neighbouring countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh and Iran. Once used to embellish the attire of the royal families of India, Zardozi embroidery designs involved making of elaborate designs using gold and silver threads.


The Persian Craft

Arising from the lands of Persia, Zardozi is a type of hand embroidery that once adorned the garments of high-class people in society. The craft thrived during the rule of Mughal Emperor Akbar in the 17th century. Originally, Zardozi work was done on luxurious velvets and expensive silks using gold and silver metallic threads.


Nothing like Zardozi

Designs: Zardozi designs usually comprises of geometric shapes with floral designs. The corners are adorned with Hindu mantras, floral sprays or peacocks.

Stitching: The different types of stitches employed by Zardozi are laid-stitch, backstitch, couching chain stitch, running stitch and stain stitch.

Threads: Initially golden and silver threads were used in Zardozi fabric. With time copper, bronze, tin, platinum, iron and lead also came into use.


Why own a Zardozi?

1. The golden and silver threads used in Zardozi give the saree a majestic look.

2. Zardozi Sarees are popular as bridal wear and other attires like Zardozi lehenga-choli, Zardozi dupatta are also in demand. Hence, it is a perfect choice for special occasions.

3. Today Zardozi symbolizes high end fashion and has become popular across the globe.

4. It is believed to be one of the oldest and most lavish embroidery styles in India.