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The Prestigious Khadi

Also known as Khaddar, Khadi is one of the prominently used fabrics in India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. It is a purely hand-spun cloth made of natural fibers. Generally cotton is used in Khadi manufacturing, but the weaving can also be performed using silk or wool. The yarn of Khadi is spun on a spinning wheel known as ‘Charkha’.


Origin of Khadi 

The fabric was discovered during the ‘Swadeshi Movement’ led by the father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi in the 1920s. He encouraged Indians to boycott foreign goods and spin their own cloth. The eminent charkha became the symbol of this historic movement. Khadi came as a boon to make India self-reliant. With time, advanced weaving techniques were introduced and today Khadi is one of the most used fabrics in India and its neighbouring countries.


What’s special about Khadi Sarees?

Fabric: Khadi cotton saree can be easily worn and carried. It has greater durability compared to other sarees available in the market and the sheen of the fabric gives you a premium experience.


Designs: A variety of designs have been introduced to the Khadi since the Swadeshi Movement. Patchwork, Kantha, Block Printing, and Phulkari are majorly used in the designing of Khadi Sarees. While a lot of people admire the plain Khadi handloom sarees.


Varieties: Some of the prominent varieties of Khadi sarees available in the market are printed, embroidered, hand-spun, hand-loomed, warp printed, and jacquard. A popular variant is the Banarasi Khadi Georgette saree.


Why get a Khadi saree for your wardrobe?

  • The Khadi saree has become a tool to improve the style quotient in modern India.
  • It is a symbol of India’s glorious freedom fight.
  • The crisp texture of Khadi sarees cannot be found elsewhere.
  • You cannot miss the luxurious experience a Khadi silk saree provide.