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The sensual fabric

Net is one of the prominently used fabrics in the fashion industry. The fabric is generally used in certain sections of a garment. In some cases, it is also used as a layer over sturdier fabrics to cover the garment entirely. Net is also included in ethnic Indian attires to magnify their charm. This fabric is admired for the mystical aura it creates when worn.  

The unclear origin of net

Net’s traces can be found back in ancient India and western civilizations as well. Although the fabric has been used for centuries, the origin of the net remains a mystery till date. During the pre-Mughal era, the net was introduced in the ethnic sarees. Another form of a net, Lace was introduced during the British era and was adopted by the Indian women from the fashion styles of British women.

Features that make Net distinct

Weave: The fabric is created by looping, knotting or fusing the yarns of thread at their intersections. The open spaces created between the yarns give this fabric its thin and translucent look.


Patterns: Nets have a pattern of knots. Some patterns are intentionally created to enhance the design of the garment. In many cases, squares or hexagons are used for patterns.


Variety: The different types of net used in garments are- Bobbinet, Tulle, Fishnet, and File Net. It can be used in sections of a saree such as a pallu, and the dupatta of a salwar kameez.


Why Net sarees are trending?

  • Made from Net fabric, these sarees are extremely breathable and easy to carry.
  • Even Bollywood is obsessed with the sheer feel of the pleasing Net sarees.
  • These magnificent sarees are in global demand today because of their sensual looks.
  • red net saree is just perfect for any occasion.