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The Sheer Fabric

Organza is a fabric created by plain weaving the silk. In the present state of the scenario, the fabric is also made from polyester or nylon threads. Despite being thin, the fabric looks and feels similar to silk. Silk Organza is woven in parts of China, India, France, and Italy. It is a great attire for bridal wear and eveningwear, it is also used in home decor items.

Evolution of Organza

The fabric was inspired by Orgazine, which was another fabric made from strong silk fibers by twisting them into strands. The word Organza was derived from the name of the town Urgang in Turkestan. The place is famous for its silk markets. Originally Organza was made from silk but to make it more durable polyester and nylon threads were introduced into the fabric.


Characteristics of Organza Sarees

Weaving:  While creating Organza sarees, firstly separate yarns are twisted tightly and then woven to bring its texture and sheen to life. 

Durability: While the Organza silk sarees have an enchanting lustre, the Organza sarees made from nylon and polyester fibers manage to provide the silk feel with added durability.


Variety: It has numerous variants available in the market depending upon the colors, texture, and feel of the fabric. Two of the most renowned are the traditional organza and the semi-synthetic organza. It is also used in banarasi, kanchipuram and sabysachi sarees.


Why you will love to have an Organza saree?

  • The saree is ideal for bridal wear as its fabric is light and airy.
  • No other attire can give you an ethereal feel given by the pure Organza sarees with embroidery.
  • Organza nylon and polyester sarees are great in strength and durability.
  • The crisp weaving of the Organza sarees is highly impressive.