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The luxurious Satin sarees

Satin has been associated with the word ‘luxury’ for decades. It refers to the weave of the fabric and not the material. The name ‘Satin’ is based on the place of its origin, Quanzhou situated in China. Arabs used to call the city ‘Zayton’. Satin was once an expensive fabric meant for the wealthy ones. If a fabric is formed using the satin weave, it is termed as Satin.

History of the enchanting Satin

Satin became famous during the twelfth century in Europe. The weave originates from the city of Zayton in China. Originally silk threads were used to weave a Satin. When it was exported to different parts of the world, Italy impressed by its sheer beauty became its largest import. It was given the status of a royal garment. After the industrial revolution, the fabric became more accessible to the general sections of the society.  

Characteristics of illustrious Satin Sarees

Fabric: The luxurious feel of the satin fabric cannot be replaced. It is one of the most popular fabrics among women.


Weaving: Four horizontal yarns are covered by a single lengthwise yarn while producing satin. This weave gives the fabric its admired smoothness.


Varieties: The fabric comes in different varieties such as- Bronet, Duchess, Charmeuse, Faconne, Gattar, Messaline, Sultan, Slipper, and Surf Satin. Sometimes the fabric is also used in Crepe sarees.


Why you should get a Satin saree now?

  • Plain and printed satin sarees have become just another name for luxury.
  • The elegant and smooth texture of the fabric is hugely admired.
  • A perfect pick for special occasions, the Satin silk sarees are as graceful as it can get.
  • Satin patta sarees have great durability.