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What is Art Silk?

Art silk stands for ‘Artificial Silk’. The manufacturing of Art silk fabric is done using synthetic fibers like Rayon. These synthetic fibers have a resemblance to the natural silk fiber but cost much less when it comes to production. Today many ethnic attires like SareesLehengas, and Salwar Kameez are created using Art Silk to make them more economical. 

When did Art Silk come into existence?

The Art Silk was first developed in the 1890s from cellulose fibers and promoted with the trade name of viscose or art silk. During World War II in the year, 1930 United States developed nylon, another form of Art Silk was used as a substitute for Japanese silk. The fabric is also known as Viscose Rayon sometimes. However, all these are just varieties. Eventually, the Art Silk demand rose and today it is being used as the base material of many clothes including Art Silk Sarees.

Art Silk Saree’s astounding characteristics

Fabric: The main constituents that are involved in Art Silk’s manufacturing are rayon, mercerized cotton, and polyester. Due to its strength and durability, this fabric is also used in the making of parachutes and umbrellas.


Versatility:  This fabric is all that it should be. You can find the softness of cotton, the richness of silk, and the breathability of wool in a single saree.


Variety: The art of silk has replaced silk from popular sarees like Kanchipuram, Pochampally, Banarasi, Paithani, etc.

Why Art Silk Saree is the one for you?

  • Art silk sarees are super light and comfortable, making it a perfect choice for summers.
  • You can have the feel of a pure silk saree at the price of a cotton saree.
  • These durable sarees will last you a great time.
  • Art silk sarees are the future. It is going to be trending more than ever.