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The classy fabric

Velvet fabric is a synonym for elegance. It is traditionally made using silk with occasional use of cotton. In this fabric, the cut threads are dispersed evenly in short dense piles giving an extremely smooth and soft feel. Over a period of time, synthetic fabrics have also been introduced to create velvet.    

The journey of velvet through time

Velvet was first created in Baghdad by the Kashmiri merchants during the reign of Harul al-Rashid. Around the same time, it was also introduced in Al-Andalus by Ziryab. Cairo became the world’s largest producer of velvet during the era of Mamulk. Velvet has been the symbol of royalty across the continents for centuries.

Fascinating features of velvet

Durability: Velvet is a heavy and durable fabric with a strong sheen. Cotton velvet sarees are the most durable type of velvet whereas silk velvet sarees have a soft drape. Synthetic velvets have been recently developed and are on the heavier side.


Colors: Mostly the fabric is used in evening dresses. The most prominently used colors for velvet are black, blue, and burgundy as these colors enhance the shine of the fabric. 


Variety: There are 6 major varieties of velvet- Devore velvet, Crushed velvet, Plain Velvet, Velveteen, Embossed velvet, and Hammered velvet. It is also used in anarkali suitskurtas, sherwanis, and ethnic footwears like jootis or mojris.

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