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What proof will you have that your order has been picked up?
-    After the delivery executive picks up your product, he will hand you a receipt of your order. In case of any problem you can show that receipt to confirm your order was picked up.
How to determine whether the delivery executive is from Karfa?
-    When an order will be placed you will receive an invoice of the order and the same invoice will be sent to the delivery executive. You can match the invoice number with the delivery executive to confirm whether he’s from Karfa.

In how many days payment will be transferred to your account?
-    Within 7 days of the order your amount will be transferred to your account.

How to take photos of your product?
-       It is very important to take good photos of your products to attract customers. Keep these 3 things in mind while taking photos of your product:
1. Good Camera
2. Good Lighting
3. Good Angles